Tuesday, 30 November 2010

:~ And my new friend is....Kizzy Designs"

'Found' a beautiful friend again last night through her blog...hadn't actually lost her but I forgot how to be a good friend and stay in touch. Anyway, I want everyone to know how wonderfully talented she is.....her cards are breathtaking. She made the most gorgeous cards for my daughter's communion...the detail was just beautiful. I'm all fingers and thumbs when it comes to crafting (I dream of the day that I can make something as gorgeous as Tammy does) but I can definitely recognise her cards as works of art.

Please drop over to her place and see her cards...you'll LOVE them.

FairyD x

Monday, 29 November 2010

:~Make a New Friend Monday:~

So it's Monday and I want to introduce today's theme.....

"Make a New Friend Monday"

For every new friend that is introduced and signs up to my very new blog, the referrer and their friend will receive a thank you freebie. This would come in the form of any one single graphic from my store at www.aimeeasher.com The more friends, the more graphics.

The freebie will be given as a link to be downloaded so please make sure that you leave ask your friend to name you when they join.

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Just released Fairydoodler's "A Very Green Christmas"

It's Christmas but it's not green and red....instead it's pistachio and pink! Young, fun and colourful.
Available to buy NOW at http://www.aimeeasher.com/
13 graphics
10 papers
14 elements
Copyright Gayle Cook 2010
Please do not share. Angel Policy applies.

:~Snow Angel Fun:~

Another one for the new kit..."A Very Green Christmas"....my children were out playing in the snow here today and I thought I'd 'capture' their fun by drawing my very own snow angel. Not far from finishing the set.

Sign up below with a number in the comments, follow my blog and you could win the chance of getting the new kit for FREE.


  1. Blue Cat
  2. Tina H
  3. GayleS
  4. CherylB
  5. KarenC
  6. Mareda - Our Winner
  7. ?

FairyD x


Just released a FREEBIE printable from my forthcoming kit, "A Very Green Christmas" at http://www.aimeeasher.com/ It's a quick 'hankie' box cover with my Mr Snowman character. Not your average colours for Christmas but nice and bright and colourful. No instructions are included in the kit, however I made it....so if I can make it...you know the rest!!!

Just remember that when you're printing it make sure that you fit to the page (if you have that option with your printer) or you'll have different sized pieces!! A couple of snips, a bit of sticking down and voila...a cover for your hankie box so that you don't have to advertise what brand of tissue you've purchased!

As always, please don't share but point your friends in the right direction and give them the website.

FairyD x

Saturday, 27 November 2010

:~Sneak a Peek Saturday~:

Hello and welcome to my new blog.....I've been enjoying reading a lot of crafty ladies blogs lately and thought I'd give this whole 'blogging' stuff a go. Starting with, what will become, a regular feature, "Sneak a Peak Saturday"......a quick look at what's on my drawing desk...I say drawing desk...it's more a case of a board of MDF that follows me round the house and can go from the kitchen table to the bedroom to the living room...I draw the line at the bathroom I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear.
This kit is "A Very Green Christmas"......I have used the Pale Green Pro Marker pen..A LOT....it's a gorgeous colour and prints quite true to the original...which is fab as it's a gorgeous colour. Anyway...without further a do I introduce a sneak peek at my latest kit...soon to be available at www.aimeeasher.com .....further items to be added.

It's late here in Scotland and the snow is covering the ground in a beautiful cosy blanket so it's off to bed for me here...ready to start tomorrow morning all nice and fresh.

Have a wonderful night x

FairyD x