Sunday, 28 November 2010

:~Snow Angel Fun:~

Another one for the new kit..."A Very Green Christmas" children were out playing in the snow here today and I thought I'd 'capture' their fun by drawing my very own snow angel. Not far from finishing the set.

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  1. Blue Cat
  2. Tina H
  3. GayleS
  4. CherylB
  5. KarenC
  6. Mareda - Our Winner
  7. ?

FairyD x


Tina said...

Very cute!!

Gayle said...

I love it!

mareda said...

This kit looks like Snow Much Fun. Your designs are great!

Gibmiss said...

Ilove it ...very cute
sylvie xx

mareda said...

Lucky - Lucky Me!

Thank you

Fairydoodler said...

Hi Mareda, can you contact me at fairydoodler at hotmail dot co dot uk (obviously spelt correctly though!!!)

Ladybug said...

Toooooo cute! TFS! :-) And thanks for the chance to win a kit!