Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We're back

Well....as we said last week, WE'RE BACK!!....and boy have we 'BEE'n busy!!! ;)
It's another sunny day here, which does sound fantastic but the temperatures are still very high.....so I hope that you have a cooler day wherever you are.

SO....what have we got in store for you!??!  Well, we have some new releases, the first for a long while and we hope you like them.  We have some absolutely gorgeous cards from the Design Team...AND, we have a Design Team Call....what more do you want/!?!?

Now, let's have a look at what's in the store this week.....

That was easy wasn't it....so now let's see the absolutely amazing cards....







Crikey, weren't they gorgeous!!!!?! 


 Now, don't you want to be part of what we consider to be the happiest design team in Crafting Land!??!?!

What do I need to do I hear you ask!?!

WELL, it's easy.....on our
facebook page we want you to post your 'bestestest' Teddy Bo & Co cards/crafts and tell us why you want to be part of our team.....simples!!!

WHAT!?!?!  That easy!?!?  YES!!!!!

We want people who will love our bears the way we do (we've VERY protective of them) and who will showcase them in the very best way.  My design team is the most wonderful group of girls, past and present.....so much so that they ask to come back after they've taken a break!!!!   This in itself should tell you how wonderful they are!

SO, what's expected of you!?!?

We will have two releases a month, so you will be in one of two teams.  To coincide with the releases we will be bringing back our challenges so you'll be required to make a card/finished product with the current releases...so that amounts to ONE card a month!!!  Of course, if you just can't resist making more than one card then nobody will be upset!!

NOW......get your pens and pencils out as the countdown has already started....our Design Team Call ends on September 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to say a very sad goodbye to Debbie who has been with us from the beginning, it's been absolutely wonderful having her with us and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for loving my wee bears so much.....and a big HELLO AGAIN to Claire and Elaine who couldn't resist us and asked to come back!!!

See you soon....Gayle and the girls...xxx