Sunday, 28 November 2010


Just released a FREEBIE printable from my forthcoming kit, "A Very Green Christmas" at It's a quick 'hankie' box cover with my Mr Snowman character. Not your average colours for Christmas but nice and bright and colourful. No instructions are included in the kit, however I made if I can make know the rest!!!

Just remember that when you're printing it make sure that you fit to the page (if you have that option with your printer) or you'll have different sized pieces!! A couple of snips, a bit of sticking down and voila...a cover for your hankie box so that you don't have to advertise what brand of tissue you've purchased!

As always, please don't share but point your friends in the right direction and give them the website.

FairyD x

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BlueCat said...

Thanks for the freebie.