Saturday, 27 November 2010

:~Sneak a Peek Saturday~:

Hello and welcome to my new blog.....I've been enjoying reading a lot of crafty ladies blogs lately and thought I'd give this whole 'blogging' stuff a go. Starting with, what will become, a regular feature, "Sneak a Peak Saturday"......a quick look at what's on my drawing desk...I say drawing's more a case of a board of MDF that follows me round the house and can go from the kitchen table to the bedroom to the living room...I draw the line at the bathroom I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear.
This kit is "A Very Green Christmas"......I have used the Pale Green Pro Marker pen..A's a gorgeous colour and prints quite true to the original...which is fab as it's a gorgeous colour. Anyway...without further a do I introduce a sneak peek at my latest kit...soon to be available at .....further items to be added.

It's late here in Scotland and the snow is covering the ground in a beautiful cosy blanket so it's off to bed for me here...ready to start tomorrow morning all nice and fresh.

Have a wonderful night x

FairyD x

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BlueCat said...

Great unusual colors!