Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just wondering if there's a market for this kind of rubber stamp!?

Hi ladies and gents...just wondering if this is something that people would be interested.

This is a collage of some STEAMPUNK stamps that I'm working on.  Is this something that you could see yourself using?!?!!?  Feedback would be fantastic if you've got a couple of minutes...xxxx

All completely original ideas from my mind ( thinks I need a holiday!!)  SO far removed from Teddy Bo & Co graphics but I just loved doing them!!!
Gayle xx


Connemara_Crafter said...

I'd certainly be interested in something like this as a digistamp.


Liz, said...

Me too, I'm dabbling a bit with the steampunk at the mo, these look fab.

Liz x

Mina said...

wow wow wow love it to bits xxx

Alex said...

oh my gosh!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE it, but I would need it to be a stamp, non digi to work with based on the kind of things I use these types of images on.