Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy Teddy Bo Tuesday...xxxx

Good Morning to you all and a VERY Happy Teddy Bo Tuesday to you all...x I hope the rest of the world is still having nice weather....at Teddy Bo Towers here in Scotland we appear to have said goodbye to the sun.....oh I do hope it comes back again!!

So....what's in the shop this week?!?!?!!!??

(Pencil sketch)

(Pencil sketch)

And just look at the gorgeous cards that my wonderful Design Team have made...xx First up are three very different results from the same graphic....fantastic!!!!

Graphic Used: (TEDDYBO_075 "Another new tie")

Graphic used: (TEDDYBO_075 "Another new tie")


Graphic used: (TEDDYBO_075 "Another new tie")


Graphic used: (TEDDYOBEA_035 "Little 'ickle elefant"

Graphic used: &(TEDDYBOBEA_0037 "Bea-punzel")


Graphic used: (TEDDYBEA_076 "A day of crafts")

Graphic used: (TEDDYBO_064 "Trust me, I'm an engineer")

Graphic used: (TEDDYBOBEA_035 "Little 'ickle elefant")

Graphic used: (TEDDYBO_049 "For You")

Graphic used: (TEDDYBEA_074 "Flowers are nature's paintings")

Remember, you still have until Sunday 15th May at midnight UK time to get your entries in to this week's Teddy Bo Challenge and this time it's EASEL CARDS!


I've also put a comment form on the Teddybo.com website if you would like to submit your ideas for artwork....I'm slowly working my way through the list that my gorgeous Design Team have made for me...but now it could be YOUR turn!!! Do you have an idea for the bears that you think would be perfect?!?! Then don't be shy and go to the website and drop me an email....if your idea is selected to be made into a graphic you'll receive it as a thank you.


Catch you soon..x

Gayle xxxx


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