Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It's Teddy Bo Tuesday

Happy Teddy Bo Tuesday to you all!!!

I must apologise....I was off all week with my son who wasn't well and I couldn't stop myself drawing while he was sleeping so there are rather a lot of new entries this week....and you should see my sketch book...there are even more in there to be finished!!!! :o)

Please pop over to the Teddy Bo Challenge Blog to see who's won last week's challenge and see what our next challenge is going to be...xxx

FairyD x



Helle said...

Hello Gayle.

Thank you for your mail and all comments in my blog !
I appreciate it very much <3
I really love your drawings and stamps,I'm a big fan!

Sylvia Zet said...

I just pop in to send big hugs to you and your lovely Teddies, keep them coming Gayle! :)

Mary M. said...

I love your images. I am new to your blog. I joined the #7 challenge and was wondering who won it.

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Gayle.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. :)

And lol - yeah I had heard that about the YH - though its been closed now for about 2 years and the building sold on. We were recording our own temperatures of minus 23 (outside our home) before christmas. Still no reason to complain - we are very lucky compared to some.

You should not doodle! You will cost me a fortune! :D and I will have to hide your pencils! lol.

Beautiful images and I just love the little one in bed, the mushroom and the hanging star images - all so BEAUTIFUL!