Wednesday, 1 December 2010

:~What's on my Desk Wednesday:~

Another regular theme...."What's on my Desk Wednesday"...a quick chance for me to show you all the many different digital stamps that I am working on. I'm re-inking some of my old pieces and trying out some new styles as I'm about to open a few new stores over the next few weeks....details to follow. This will give me an opportunity to try out some styles that I haven't tried before. I'm currently working on a pierrot clown at the moment and also inking up my "A Very Green Christmas kit".

If any of you have any ideas of stamps that would be good kits/singles to do then please drop me an email or leave a comment and if the kit is produced then you'll even get sent it as a thank you. I'm always looking for ideas as I'm not a crafter...(have I said that already!??!!?) I LOVE a detailed list of what kind of things would be good so be careful what you wish for!!!! ;o)

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