Tuesday, 14 December 2010

:~'Tween Concert' and the Friday Freebie Challenge:~

Good Afternoon to you all.

I have sore ears this morning!! I went with my 13 year old daughter to a JLS concert last night. It was a great night and the four boys sounded fab.....but the noise of 5000 screaming 'tweens' was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm used to concerts being loud but I think it was the 'pitch' of the screams that had my ears ringing!!!

We hope that there will be some responses to our Friday Freebie Challenge this week. We know you'll all be really busy with Christmas coming up but we've had over 100 downloads of our graphic and even if you could only manage a 'virtual' craft with our Freebie then that would be fanastic. We just need to know that our Friday Freebie Challenges will be popular enough to continue. Remember there's an opportunity for you to win any one kit of your choice from the Fairydoodler range.


Clairebears said...

Please I would loveto enter your challenge but I can't manage to work out how to do it :)

Clairebears x


Hi Claire

I've enabled the entry button again as it had locked itself because the voting had kicked in! If you click on our Friday Freebie button on the far right hand side there is a Add Your Link button that talks you through what to do.

FairyD x

Sheila said...

I have downloaded your stunning image too so want to say a massive thank you - just pondering whether to enter the challenge or not (not sure I have time now). Sheila:)X

FairyD said...

Hi Sheila....of course you've got time!! ;o)

Let's just say...you've got until TOMORROW'S Friday Freebie!!!!!! Does that help!?!?

FairyD x