Friday, 31 December 2010

:~Fairydoodler's Friday Freebie Challenge Winner:~

Morning Ladies

We hope that you all got a chance to see the entries for our recent Friday Freebie Challenge?! They were absolutely gorgeous. We have an overall winner for this week and we're delighted to announce that our winner is:


We feel that all our ladies that entered are winners though and we'll be sending you a wee thank you for taking part. This week's Fairydoodler's Friday Freebie Challenge graphic will be along soon.



Colette said...

Woohoo! thank you so much, glad you liked it. My favourite was the one my Sue McMahon, that's the one I would have voted for, I just loved the colours. Looking forward to the next challenge!
Colette xx

BlueCat said...

Just gorgeous! Congrats Colette!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Gorgeous card Colette- Congrats!