Thursday, 30 December 2010

:~Eh...ooops! Has anyone ever broken a punch before?!:~

Afternoon all!!

Firstly I'd like to thank the ladies that have left comments below about our cards.....I'm ashamed to say that mine has taken me 24 hours so far (on and off) to do!!! but it's nearly finished and my mother's birthday isn't until the 6th January so it's not so bad, I've still got plenty of time.

My daughter has also been tickled pink with the lovely comments about her much so that I'm needing to give her a blog sign in as I can't have her leaving 'anonymous' comments all over the place!!! ;o)

So...back to the question at the top of the thread.

Has anyone ever broken a paper craft punch before?!?!? We bought a MS one just before Christmas (the butterfly cutout border one) it's gorgeous and while it was a bit stiff to begin with I thought it was just me not knowing what to do (there's a shocker!!!) Anyway...we were cutting through cardstock yesterday..NOT cardboard...and it completely cut in half...not the plastic but the metal!!!!!!! Is that normal?!?!? The shop is taking it back so no money lost but I just thought that was quite bizarre?! Has this happened to anyone else or am I abnormally strong!!! ;o)



Tammy said...

I have never ever broke a Martha Stewart Punch - now then Gayle you weren't being too heavy handed was you???? TUT TUT!!!! I have a good selection of them now...but I do have one that won't go through card as well as the others do. Be gentle next time. Card making - Tammy is still in shock --- Gayle card making!!! WOW.....will there ever be a day where Tammy receives one of them??? Gosh was that a blue pig flying over my house LOL xx love you xx

FairyD said...

Well...somebody just sent me a gorgeous colouring of "Teddy Bea" so I could print that out and stick it on a card....only she put her big signature all over it so it looks like the bear's name is "Kizzy Designs"!!!!!!! ;oD I'll just need to make sure I send it to someone with that you know anyone?!?!??!!?


Moments by Marla said...

I have had a Martha Stewart punch break on me also. I had it only a couple of weeks anf udrf iy msybr s couple dozen times. Something inside it broke. Michaels exchanged it since it was within their return requirements. To make sure everything goes through it with no problems now, I punch aluminum foil several times and then wax paper. So far, no more problems.

FairyD said...

Really Maria...thank goodness it wasn't just me!!! I'll use your foil tip as the shop replaced it today.

Thank you.