Saturday, 8 January 2011

:~You've GOT to see this:~

Isn't this just STUNNING!
Tammy has been playing (I wish I could do this when I was 'playing'!!) I'm so proud of my talented friend. There's more to see at her blog.

I was going to give Tammy's introduction as our Creative Director on our Design Team a separate post but I don't want to 'hop' over this post...I want everyone to see it, SO:


I have known Tammy now for 5 years (ish)....she was one of my first every customers and she was unlucky enough to buy one of my first every kits...thank goodness practice pays off as my early kits were BAD!!!!

We've had a LOT of long telephone chats, we've 'pinged' on MSN a LOT and we even met up nearly 2 years ago on our way home from seeing friends. Tammy has three gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) girls and one beautiful little grandaughter...oh and there's also her hubby...but he doesn't craft so we don't need to mention him!!!!;o)

We have spent the last couple of years on the same digital stores and she has made many a gorgeous card with my graphics. She's always the first person that I send them to.

Last year both of us 'lost our mojo' separately and also lost contact but in November I decided to google my old friend to find out what she'd been up to and I found her blog....I'm delighted to say that the last 6 weeks or so have been frantic, exciting, productive, exhausting but fabulous and Teddy Bo & Bea LOVE their new Aunty Tammy...and she gives me LOTS of inspiration and ideas as what crafters would like as cards. She is MEGA talented and very patient (she has to be, she's got me as a friend) and very generous both with her time and talent.

If there's anyone I trust to tell me the truth it's Tammy...I'm honoured to have her as my friend....and I'm delighted that she's with me on this new journey.

Please make a wee jump over to her blog and see her wonderful cards.

Thank you Tammy x Luv ya babes x



Kerry said...

Wow Gayle, this cross stitch is gorgeous! I love the natural colours with the little bit of blue/turquoise. Tammy is one talented lady and you're luck to have each other. It was great meeting with you today and I would love to have even an ounce of your talent. Best of luck and look forward to seeing you again soon. xx

agypsyangel said...

Very neat. Hope you have a great weekend,

Sonia said...

When I saw this I was amazed, it sure is a work of art :) Well done Tammy.
Hugs Sonia xxx

Ms. Jen said...

WOW! That's quite a welcome. I see your treasure her friendship very much. That's great! And that cross stitch is adorable. Would be perfect in a baby's room. Thanks for welcoming and sharing Tammy with us.

FairyD said...

Thank you Kerry for your very kind words and yes...I agree...Tammy's very lucky to have me!!! ;o)

It was great meeting you also and I'm sure you'll be unlucky enough to meet me again!! ;o)

FairyD x

FairyD said...

Hi is neat isn't jaw hit the ground when I saw it.

Sonia, isn't she just so talented..amn't I just so jealous!!!?!

Ms Jen....oh wouldn't that be just perfect....especially as Teddy Bea will feature with some 'ickle' baby bears some time soon!! ]:o)

FairyD x

Kim said...

Hi Gayle, I was one of your early customers too not sure if you remember you were going to make a fairydoodle of my daughter Laura? I loved your early kits so am excited to find you and Tammy again! I lost my mojo for nearly 2 years but am back now and on full steam!! Can't wait for Teddy Bea!!
Kim x

FairyD said...

Kim...OMG...I remember, and I'm ashamed to say that I did draw Laura....but I wasn't overly happy with it and then I stopped drawing!!!! I think I might still have it though, I'll look through my portfolio!!

That's brilliant that you've found your creative juices again..hopefully just in time for Teddy Bo & Bea/!?

FairyD x

Kim said...

LOL Gayle, glad you remember me I have been absent from the scene so long!! Oh yes I am going to be on the case first thing tomorrow morning for them!! Kim x

Lim said...

Oh WOW!!! This is stunning!!! What a clever idea. I can't wait to see more of your DT creations. Thank you so much for the inspiration.
LIM :)