Tuesday, 4 January 2011

:~Teddy Bo & Bea Teasers:~

Quick wee teaser.....bit of a 'puzzle' though...you might have to move a bit closer to the screen to see them all!!! ;o) Can't make it too easy!!

Feedback would be fab please, just so we know if we're going in the right direction!!!


Sonia said...

Aww so cute, loving them all but do like the one with the star wand :)
Hugs Sonia xx

Clairebears said...

I love the teacup one :)

FairyD said...

Thank you Sonia...Teddy Bea does love to dress up!

She also loves to tend her garden with all her beautiful flowers however Teddy Bo can't resist picking them!!!!

(I know, it's sad..but these characters have become such a part of my life at the moment that Tammy and I are actually dreaming about them!!)

FairyD x

FairyD said...

Brill Claire...and just think about how you could personalise them!!!

FairyD x

Lisa said...

Aww these are all so cute! I am luvin the one with bunny ears :-)

Lisa x

FairyD said...

Oh thank you Lisa..did you see the ones hidden at the back on top of the easter egg?!?!?!? You'll need to have your nose touching the screen to see them I think!!!

FairyD x

Tammy said...

You BIG tease..........I know what Bea & Bo have been up too, cus they are in my house having a party. At this rate I will need more tea-bags....not card stock. Love to all xx

Padster said...

Ohhhh - love em especially the bunny ears and the fairies.
How about a couple in PJs? or wedding ones?

Nowt wrong with dreaming about bears lol!

Debbie xx

FairyD said...

Oh Debbie...wait till you see the one of Teddy Bea in her dressing gown...complete with knitted ears!!!!!!...AND she has a miniature Teddy Bea bear...ooops...might have said too much there!??!? ;o)

FairyD x

FairyD said...

Well Tammy....it's not JUST me that's been dreaming about small cuddly teddy bears...admit it!!!!!


Clairebears said...

Roll on the 11th!

They need to like in my house too!!!



Ms. Jen said...

These are so darn cute!

FairyD said...

Thank you Claire and Ms Jen....we're getting so excited here at 'The Den'.....not enough hours in the day!!!

FairyD x

Colette said...

These are fab, (fairy's my fave) can't wait to get them, I was going to ask when I saw them on your New Year post if they were going to be available to buy, I'm so glad they are.
Colette xx

FairyD said...

Not just available to buy but coming to life in other forms too!!! ;o)

FairyD xxx