Saturday, 18 December 2010

:~Sneak a Peek Saturday:~

Good Morning to you all!

Hope that you're not stressing yourselves out too much with last minute Christmas shopping?! We've got snow here again today so won't be travelling too far today.

We don't actually have a Sneak Peek to show you today BUT we have a question.....would anybody be interested in a Copic Marker tutorial...I say Copic Marker..but they're wrapped up and sitting under the Christmas tree at the moment ready for it would be a Letraset Pro-Markers tutorial!!!! lol

As I don't do 'crafting'...and my Design Team is still in it's infancy the only thing I could do a tutorial on would be drawing/colouring in......would anybody be interested?!?!?! We could even do it on this week's FREEBIE?!?!?!?

We've put a wee poll on the top left of the page and hopefully some of you will vote for your choice. We could even just do the challenge as a colouring see how many different variations we could have from one drawing!!!!!

It's still very quiet here on the blog and we'd LOVE to hear from more of you. Tammy and I have a lot planned for next year....we're going to take over the world!!! (hee hee) but we would love to have our wee blog and eventual website BUZZING and we need your help to do that.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blog. Hope to come back and see more as time permits--busy time right now. Thank you for the image. Good luck!

Clairebears said...

hi fairydoodler, now I'm stalking you :)
I'm having problems with your email address mines x