Tuesday, 21 December 2010

:~NEW Digital Stamp - "Little Bessie":~

New 'Little Bessie' stamp. Available now. Click on image to take you to store.



Clairebears said...

I looooovvvvveee her :) and I just had to have her too! Cx

FairyD said...

Hi Claire....hope you enjoy playing and you KNOW I'll love seeing!!!! lol Can I put your other card on my 'soon to be' gallery!?!???!?!?

Colette said...

She's so cute, I've adopted her, can't wait to use her, hopefully with my new Aquamarkers, that Santa will be bringing, if he got my letter and I've been good enough! Oooo, might not get them after all! LOL!
Colette xx

FairyD said...

You've been THAT naughty that he won't bring you Aquamarkers.....oh..shame on you girly!!! xxx

Remember to show what you make...it makes me squeel with delight to see things!!!

FairyD x

Clairebears said...

She's on my blog I hope you like her.
I can't wait to see yours Colette :)
Clairebears x