Wednesday, 22 December 2010

:~Look at what Clairebears has done with "Little Bessie":~

Morning all!

I just HAD to come on the blog this morning to show you all this card. It's gorgeous!!!!!! It's made by CLAIREBEARS and it's so subtly beautiful. I love brown...but as I explained to Claire on her blog this morning Santa hasn't brought me my browns yet, they're arriving on Saturday so I have coloured her in other colours but brown is how I imagined her..(although she does have shocking red hair and freckles when I close my eyes!! )

You will hear this said often on this blog..I don't craft...but when I see lovely cards I totally appreciate the thought process and effort and talent behind them all. I love a bit of bling on cards but I also love the ones that are made with very few elements but really hit the mark....Claire, I would say you've managed that.

Thank you x


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