Sunday, 12 December 2010

:~Bursting to tell someone:~

Isn't it fantastic when the universe puts opportunities in your horizon and it's up to you to grab onto them!??!

I was out picking my Christmas present yesterday with my hubby (I'm getting copic markers...sad, I know!!!) and I noticed a beautiful line in stamps. I remembered the name of the manufacturing company and googled them this I sent an email over asking if they would give me some advice about the possibility of going into production with my own stamps range. The lady that subsequently phoned me this morning about 10am was SO helpful and lovely...but here's the bizarre bit.....SHE LIVES 10-15 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME!!!

Now remembering that I live in Scotland and most manufacturers of stamps are in other countries this is just about the strangest thing that's happened to me yet.

She's given me loads of ideas and hope for the future so please keep an eye on the blog for details of possible forthcoming ranges from Fairydoodler Designs in 2011.

I had to text Tammy (Kizzy Designs) this morning to share my good news. Thanks honey for understanding my ramblings this morning!!!

I'd love to hear about your 'Cosmic Ordering' opportunities.

FairyD x


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